Sunbeam Secret Chef 5.5L Sear & Slow Cooker


Sunbeam Secret Chef 5.5L Sear & Slow Cooker

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The SecretChef is designed as a Frypan and Slow Cooker in one, that sears and slow cooks in the one unit, no need to have separate pans, or to use the stovetop. Use as a Frypan or as a Slow Cooker, or if you’re slow cooking, you can use both modes. It’s handy when slow cooking, as you can brown your meats on the Frypan mode, then switch to Slow Cook mode for the remainder. It’s so versatile you can create roast dinners, mouth-watering soups and desserts to hearty slow cooked casseroles and curries. Even sear a juicy steak or make bacon and eggs. Ideal for 6-8 people, and those who love leftovers.

  • For fast heat up, accurate temperature control, even heat, automatic keep warm and timer. Preset any time, and monitor with the count down timer.
  • The frypan allows you to brown your meat in the one pan prior to slow cooking Or you can use as a stand alone frypan.
  • Use as a frypan or a slow cooker. Slow cooker has High, Low and Auto Keep Warm settings.
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