Miele SF-HA50 Hepa Filter – 09616280


Miele SF-HA50 Hepa Filter – 09616280

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AirClean filter system

The Miele AirClean filter system filters more than 99.9% of all fine dust particles.

Active HEPA filter

Filters even the finest dust and allergens – ideal for those allergic to house dust.

Active AirClean filters

Also helps neutralise unpleasant odours – ideal for pet owners

  • Catches 99.95 % of all viruses, bacteria and particles.*
  • * HEPA class 13 in accordance with DIN EN 1822/2011 HEPA
  • With TimeStrip® filter change indicator
  • To maintain appliance performance, change the filter once a year
  • Contents: 1 filter

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