Rent to Own





  • Browse our range and find the products you need and add them to your cart.
  • Select if you want to pay for the products outright through your credit or debit card or get them financed.
  • If you choose to pay via credit or debit card then simply enter your card details and once your payment is processed we will get the products delivered to your door.
  • If you choose to get the products financed then submit your order through the shopping cart and we will send you an email with the application link. The minimum amount for finance is $500.
  • You will need to follow the instructions and submit some documents with the external finance company we partner with to access your application. All your confidential documents are sighted by the finance company and not with us.
  • A decision on your application will be made in 1 working day and if your application is approved, you just need to sign the contract and that’s it!
  • Once we get the go-ahead from the finance company, we will get the goods delivered to your door!!